Writing Prompts And OREO Strategy

From internet blogs to academic writing, this form has spread like wildfire. At the theoretical level, it is taught to equip students on how to make the right opinion on a subject he or she is writing an opinion essay. Internet blogs employ opinion writing in expressing the writer’s thoughts on a particular topic of public concern.

Some people find it hard to define opinion writing, which shouldn’t be the case. It merely implies, a writer stating a point of view, and then providing facts and logical arguments to support the stated position of view. Simple as ABC, right?

Let me give you an illustration: imagine writing an opinion essay on global warming. So, you’ll first declare your stand; are you of the opinion that the world is to blame for this menace? Then, you will have to present facts from previously done research or reliable media reports on the topic. And there you go. Much simpler than a kid starting to pronounce the word ‘mama.’

> However, the writer has to research supporting facts to make the opinion reliable carefully. Remember, the result of an opinion essay is to make the reader change their opinion to match that of the writer closely. Hence, a great deal of craftiness is implored to achieve this.

An Oreo writing strategy is a yardstick for ensuring that an opinion writing meets the required standards. Oreo stands for the following:

> * O – Opinion

* R – Reason

* E – Evidence

* O – Opinion (restated)

It is the ideal opinion writing introduction. Here, the writer is expected to tell the readers how he or she feels about the topic.

> For instance, you can state how you think about politics, either; politics is fun, or fabulous, or dirty.

Some of the words used here include, in my opinion, to my mind, and I believe, just but a drop of ink in the ocean.

The writer then tells readers why he or she feels that way. You can give reasons why you love soccer, why you dislike breakfast (which I doubt anyone does), and so forth. They should persuade the reader to take your side as the author.

> Transition words when providing reasons include first, to begin with, another reason, most importantly, among many others.

Support your reasons with explanations and examples from reliable sources. It enhances the credibility of your opinion writing. Words such as, for example, for instance, and in other words, can be used as transitions. This part should be handled with care as it determines whether the readers will side with you on the opinion provided or not.

Opinion (restated)
It is the conclusion of an opinion writing. The author once more tells the readers of his idea and also adds his feeling. It is like reaffirming what the first three parts of the Oreo method put. Transitions, when concluding include, all in all, to summarize, and to sum it all up.

With that said, you are good to embark on any form of opinion writing. There is no quantum physics applied here to make you experience jitters. Once you have jotted down your opinion writing ideas, the Oreo writing strategy helps you put them in an orderly manner, easy to read and attractive to readers, just like a barbeque next door. You can’t help but join even if you’ve not been invited.

Just like any other form of writing, ensure that each paragraph focuses on a significant point that backs up the argument. Ideas should be connected with compelling words and phrases. Who wants to eat a burger with no toppings or a bun merely splashed with mayonnaise? Will that even be a burger?

> The conclusion should restate or add a final punch on the main points stated hitherto. It should leave readers with a lot to consider by placing the ideas in a bigger picture.

Opinion Writing Simplified

Opinion writing is, therefore, not tight if the writer clearly puts down the ideas and extensively researching the topic. A point of caution: a sensitive opinion writing may attract varied interpretations from the readers. The author should, therefore, ensure that the script is written delicately and respectfully to avoid room for unnecessary assumptions.

So grab that note pad and pen, sit down, and give it a try. Who knows, that may be the next award-winning opinion article of the year. If you still encounter hitches, you can find affordable writing help from our expert writers.