Zero Trust Security CyberArk

Continuously verify users and devices to ensure access and privilege is granted only when it’s needed.

Identity Security: The Backbone of Zero Trust
Zero Trust starts by assuming that any identity – whether human or machine – with access to your applications and systems may have been compromised. The “assume breach” mentality requires vigilance and a Zero Trust approach to security, one that is centered on securing identities. With Identity Security as the backbone of a Zero Trust approach, teams can focus on identifying, isolating and stopping threats from compromising identities and gaining privilege before they can do harm.

Verify Every User
Make sure every user is who they claim to be with strong, contextual, risk-based authentication —increasing security and enhancing user experience.

Validate Every Device
Vastly reduce your attack surface to only allow registered devices, with a good security posture, to access your resources.

Intelligently Limit Privileged Access
Grant privileged access the second it’s needed, and take it away the second it’s not.


Identity Security: Why it Matters and Why Now

Put Identity Security first without putting productivity second.

Adopt an Assume Breach Mindset

Identity Security is the backbone of Zero Trust.

Employ Strong Adaptive Authentication
Enable consistent, continual and adaptive multifactor authentication so you can be sure your users are who they say they are.

Enable Continuous Approval and Authorization
Automate identity provisioning, manage the life cycle and set approval processes.

Secure Credentials and Authentication
Protect authentication tokens and credential caches while managing local admin credentials.

Secure, Least Privilege Access
Eliminate unnecessary privileges and strategically remove excessive permissions for cloud workloads. Ensure all human and non-human users only have the privileges necessary with just-in-time access elevation, allowing users to access privileged accounts or run commands as needed.

Continuously Monitor and Attest
Maintain compliance with recorded key events and tamper-resistant audits. Secure and centrally store session recordings for easy security, audit and compliance to increase accountability and compliance.


Identity Security offers a set of technologies that are foundational to a Zero Trust approach.

Verify every user with risk-based adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Validate every device with endpoint context and privilege management

Intelligently limit privileged access with privileged and remote access management