Evidence Is On Amber Heards Side

Depp vs. Heard Trial
The Truth is on Amber Heard’s Side
Here’s the Evidence

Johnny Depp Hired Bots to Spread Disinformation and Defame Amber Heard
If you have seen countless posts on social media in favor of Johnny Depp, that’s not by chance. According to Amber Heard’s defense team, Johnny Depp hired bots to defame and spread misinformation about Amber. The bots have suppressed evidence that supports Amber Heard’s claims of physical and sexual assault.

Johnny Depp has a clear motive for defaming Amber Heard, which is revenge:

Source: Pages 3-5 of the counterclaims from the Depp vs. Heard TrialExcerpt from court document: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF FAIRFAX COUNTY, CIVIL ACTION NO: CL Full Download Available and Embedded Below

Johnny Depp and his team created social media accounts to target Amber Heard in a defamatory misinformation campaign:

Source: Pages 3-5 of the counterclaims from the Depp vs. Heard TrialThe bots claim that Amber created false allegations of sexual abuse and that she abused Johnny Depp.

By posting in men’s rights groups and artificially inflating the number of likes, the bots found an audience willing to continue spreading their message.

The primary aim of men’s rights activists is to discredit the #MeToo movement. They want survivors to feel intimidated and not be believed when they come forward.
That’s why we need to fight by speaking truth to power.
Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, was kicked out of the Depp vs Heard trial for leaking confidential information to the press
Adam Waldman’s business partner is in jail for witness tampering
Waldman works for a Russian oligarch suspected of meddling in the 2016 US election
Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images

There’s Hot Tea on Johnny Depp’s Lawyers
Adam Waldman was thrown out of the Depp vs. Heard trial over press leaks
Adam Waldman is a legal attorney who worked for a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. The State Department is currently investigating Deripaska for Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US election. Waldman’s former business partner, Paul Manafort, was the campaign chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign and is currently in jail for witness tampering.

Adam Waldman was working on Depp’s case when he was caught leaking confidential information to the press.

Kathleen Zellner advised Depp to settle after going through his evidence
Kathleen Zellner is an attorney who is famous for overturning wrong convictions. She represented Steve Avery in the Netflix series Making a Murderer.

In February of 2022, Depp hired Kathleen Zellner to work on the case. In now-deleted tweets, Zellner expressed her support for Depp.

At least until a Blind Gossip Site dropped this revelation:

> “[Depp’s attorney is…] telling him he should settle. The actor wants to find new attorneys, but he should listen to them.”

Johnny Depp was mentioned on Zellner’s website but is no longer on her list of active cases.

If Johnny Depp has such a strong case, why did Kathleen Zellner refuse to represent him after examining his evidence?
What Happened to Johnny Depp’s Finger?
> Amber Heard has yet to take the stand in the Virginia Depp vs. Heard trial, but has spoken about the incident previously.

In court documents she alleged Johnny Depp severed the finger himself by “slamming a hard plastic phone against the wall.”

She has claimed the incident occurred at the end of a three-day bender during which he beat her multiple times. He slammed his phone against the wall and crushed his finger.
After cutting off his finger, Depp wrote “SLUT” on the wall with his blood.

Johnny Depp’s testimony on cutting his finger been inconsistent throughout the trial.

During the UK trial, the doctor who saw Depp testified under oath saying that it was a crushing injury that cutt off his finger – not a cutting injury. Amber’s testimony is consistent with that of the doctor.

Source: People.com
Abuse is all about the imbalance of control, only one person can maintain control in a relationship.
> When the survivor hits their limit and most likely has C-PTSD, they fight back.

Fighting back can include name-calling, physically pushing back, screaming/yelling, and any other ways you have reacted that I didn’t mention.

This person wants their freedom back, not power or control.

Dr. Betsy Usher


Enduring abuse over time can lead to broken-down self-esteem, feelings of low self-worth, and intense emotional stress, or even PTSD. While it’s never healthy to yell back at a partner or be violent with them if you are experiencing abuse you might have used one of these strategies when you felt your safety was at risk or you were trying to re-establish your independence in the relationship. Self-defense is not abuse, and identifying it as such can increase any fear you already feel in the situation. Everyone has the right to defend their safety, both emotionally and physically.

The excuse of “mutual abuse” also allows the abusive partner toshift blame. We know that abusive partners rarely take responsibility for their actions and that blame-shifting is a common tactic. If your abusive partner is claiming that you’re equally or more responsible for an incident, or that you too were abusive, this is their way of manipulating you into believing you did something to deserve this treatment. Believing you’re at fault helps the abusive partner continue to have control and often leaves you feeling as if you’re the one who needs to make changes.

One way to recognize the difference between an abuser and the person they’re hurting is the willingness to seek change. Admitting to unhealthy or abusive behavior, committing to stop, reaching out for help, and asking about the process of change are things that abusive people rarely do.

> “If you were being strangled, would you or would you not try to save your life any way you could? Ask yourself if you would encourage your daughters or sisters to not try to keep their lives when someone was attacking them yet again.”

Amber Heard

Video And Audio Evidence Documenting Depp’s Abuse

The Audio recordings presented exhibit the power and control dynamic between Depp and Heard. She can be heard expressing calling the cops due to fear for her life at 26:15. His response is to bring up his finger immediately, minimizing her claim, and does so in a calm, collected, and controlled exhibit. Amber can be heard saying, “Forget it – you don’t believe what I say. You don’t believe what I say!” Heard’s behavior is typically for those who have experienced abuse and gaslighting for years.

Video released in 2015 of Depp slamming cabinets and appears to be intoxicated, is consistent with Heard’s story of physical abuse. Depp claims he merely assaulted “a couple of cabinets,” which again works to minimize Heard’s experience of violence and his extremely toxic behavior. Depp has yet to release any video or audio evidence of Heard showing the same kind of unprovoked violence. Depp’s own testimony paints a very different picture of the man we see in this video, causing inconsistencies in his already unreliable version of events.

Raw and Unfiltered Explicit court recording of stunning text messages were shown during Johnny Depp’s cross-examination at his defamation trial against Amber Heard. Depp, while joking with “Avengers” actor and friend Paul Bettany, sent text messages including “let’s burn Amber” and “I will f— her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead.”

Psychologists Refute Dr. Curry’s Borderline and Histrionic Personality Diagnoses
> “Hysteria and histrionic personality disorder became known as the ‘wastebasket of mental health’, with many influential scholars rejecting their existence.

Women could be diagnosed with these terms for not smiling enough, not giving men enough sex, being lesbian or bisexual, being too assertive, too opinionated, leaving their husbands, or even reading too many books.”

Dr. Jessica Taylor on the Independent
Expert witness Dr. Curry, who was hired by Depp’s team, testified that Amber Heard does not have PTSD. Instead, she stated that her evidence would lead her to conclude that Amber has Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Histrionic Personality Disorder is the modern-day version of “hysteria.”
Mental health professionals and individuals with BPD are protesting, stating that it is unethical for a psychologist to weaponize a mental health diagnosis to discredit an individual.

Forensic Psychologists May Produce Biased Findings Due to Financial Incentives
Dr. Kirk Honda says he’s skeptical of Dr. Curry’s diagnoses. Dr. Kirk Honda lists three main reasons he is skeptical of Dr. Curry’s diagnoses:

1. Dr. Kirk Honda is skeptical of psychologists who diagnose people with personality disorders after spending limited time with them. Dr. Curry evaluated Amber Heard for just 12 hours. Dr. Honda does not believe that 12 hours is enough time.
2. Even if Amber Heard has a personality disorder, that doesn’t mean she’s abused Johnny Depp.
3. Forensic psychologists have a tendency to provide evidence favorable to the clients that hired them.

Dr. Dawnn Hughes Diagnoses Amber Heard With PTSD and Refutes Dr. Curry’s Claims
Dr. Hughes is Board Certified and her expertise is domestic violence. On the contrary, Dr. Curry is not Board Certified, has zero experience with domestic violence cases, and her expertise is veterans of war.

Johnny Depp Simulates a Gun While Dr. Hughes Discusses His Threats to Kill Amber Heard
Is Depp’s behavior consistent with that of an abuser or a victim?

Amber Heard’s Ex-Girlfriend Defends Her
In 2009, Amber Heard was arrested following an argument with Taysa van Ree. Taysa issued a statement refuting the claim that Amber was abusive:

> I (recall) hints of misogynistic attitudes toward us which later appeared to be homophobic when they found out we were domestic partners and not just ‘friends

It’s disheartening that Amber’s integrity and story are being questioned yet again. Amber is a brilliant, honest and beautiful woman and I have the utmost respect for her. We shared 5 wonderful years together and remain close to this day.

Taysa Van Ree
Taysa Van Ree was subpoenaed by Johnny Depp’s legal team for the Depp vs Heard case in Virginia. Taysa refused to testify for Depp’s team.

Johnny Depp’s Exes Haven’t Supported Him


“There was some heat. It was a f-cking bonfire. It was literally like, “Are you f-cking kidding me? Are you f-cking kidding me? I’ve never seen a guy like this. And energetically, what it was like being with him, it was like, “Oh, I’m being totally, totally compensated for the shit I just went through.”.”

Jennifer Grey on her short-live engagement to Depp


“I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I’m not calling anyone a liar. I’m just saying, it’s difficult and upsetting for me to wrap my head around it. Look, it was a long time ago, but we were together for four years, and it was a big relationship for me. Imagine if someone you dated when you were—I was 17 when I met him—was accused of that. It’s just shocking. I have never seen him be violent toward a person before.”

Winona Ryder’s Statement on Depp – she never actually denied the abuse and she said that they were together when she was 17. That was over 30 years ago.


Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of pushing Kate Moss down the stairs.

Kate Moss has never denied the allegations or come out in support of Depp.

Amber Heard Did Not Poop in Johnny Depp’s Bed
Source: the SuEven if Amber Heard pooped on his bed, that does not justify Johnny Depp beating and raping her.

Adam Wadman, Lawyer for Johnny Depp Kicked Off Case After Press Leaks

Experts Question the Phrase ‘Mutual Abuse’ After Testimony in Depp-Heard Trial

Trolls, tweets, and famous friends: the vicious PR war between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard