New PUBG Mobile Update Adds 90 FPS Support For IPad Pro

The much-awaited PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is finally rolling out today, and aside from the original changes we have talked about, it seems that the update is bringing some neat tricks under the hood. Mainly the fact that the game is now also going to have support for 90 FPS on iPad Pro. The support was previously only available on OnePlus Nord, but seems like PUBG Mobile is looking to expand the portfolio.

PUBG Mobile will Run Faster and Look Smoother on iPad Pro After the Latest Update
The update is currently rolling out as we speak, and as mentioned before, there was no information of the fact that iPad Pro is going to get a faster refresh rate support after this update but it seems that is the case. This was spotted by Ben Geskin on Twitter who shared a screenshot of the game running on the iPad Pro, and it does confirm that the 90 frames per second mode is in fact available on PUBG Mobile after the latest update.

Whether it is available on other devices is something we are not sure about but you can still see the tweet below for the sake of reference.

Faster refresh rate gaming has become a norm for the longest time but it is finally becoming more and more prominent on mobile gaming as well, which means that in near future, we can see a lot of games having support for faster refresh rates, which in all honesty, feel amazing.

With Fortnite gone from the App Store, PUBG Mobile remains as one of the most popular battle royale games, and to be honest, the game that started it all. As said before, the update is currently rolling out on both Android and iOS versions of the game, and bring a lot of new changes to the overall user experience as well as the connectivity.